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27 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers

When you are looking for retirement gift ideas, you want to find the perfect gift that will make a huge impact on the retiree. Here are lots of ideas no matter if they are interested in cooking, gardening, golfing, etc.

I recently planned a retirement party for a special lady that I worked with for a long time. It’s still so sad to think that I don’t see her every day! I hope that I sent her off in style, knowing that she was a truly valued and important member of our team.

Here are some retirement gift ideas to help those that are retiring remember that they are still very important and well-loved. It’s their time to do what they want!

In prepping for this article, I was wondering about the top activities people do during retirement. My retired parents and in-laws do a lot of babysitting, but what else can they do that is helping them enjoy retirement to the fullest? Here’s what I found:

  • Garden
  • Read
  • Travel
  • Act
  • Volunteer
  • Pick up a new sport
  • Start a business
  • Write, start a blog
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Pick up arts and crafts
  • Learn a new language
  • Teach
  • Fish
  • Golf

There are so many ideas of things to do now that they are retired. Here are some retirement gift ideas to help them accomplish all their goals.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retirement Memories and Wishes Cards

This is a great idea for retirement parties! Have all your coworkers sign these and tell their favorite memories or best wishes for the retiree. It’s a fun activity for retirement party guests and a lasting keepsake for the retiree.

Retirement Necklace

This is the gift I purchased for my friend that retired. I liked it because it is a nice design that doesn’t scream “I’m Retired!” and can be worn daily. This Retirement gift box comes with a thoughtfully written message, a soft black velvet bag, and a blank note card enclosed in matching envelopes for a personal touch.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Vintage Football (or Baseball, Basketball, etc.)

For the classic sports lover, Leatherhead Sports creates hand-crafted leather balls that will not only bring a classic feel to their favorite pastime but also memorialize the time and friendship. You have the option to monogram, heat emboss, laser engraving, etc. to make a memorable gift that will last for a lifetime.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Engravable Whiskey Decanters are the perfect gift for any aspiring gentleman. These custom engraved whiskey decanters can be monogrammed in a variety of styles, making great classic retirement gift ideas for anyone.

You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

Join in on the fun (and funny) journey of getting older with this hilarious Dr. Seuss picture book—it’s just what the doctor ordered for old souls, kids at heart, and absolutely anyone dreading their annual checkup.

You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in!

Golf Retirement Gift Ideas

My Retirement Office – Golf Cart & Palm Tree – Fun Golf Towel

If your retiree is a golf fan, finding a retirement gift is a little bit easier. There are so many options! This towel is a fun addition to their golf bag. Durable classic black carabiner clip and grommet included. The perfect color to match any clubs and any bag. A modern innovative clip for the best golf towel technology.

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