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4 Thanksgiving Gifts, Are You Ready

Thanksgiving is coming, have you prepared your gifts?
Depending on the recipient or emotional stage you are in, sometimes a carefully prepared dinner and a pre arranged bouquet of flowers are enough to express sincerity.
Of course, regardless of the reason, both you and your family and friends believe that gifts are the best way to express sincerity. Classic items that are based on their needs and within your budget will never go wrong, whether it's a pair of Apple headphones, a pair of Nike sneakers, or a Jeanne bike.
And today's article is for those who have exhausted the above two options. When adding flowers to a meal starts to seem perfunctory, and almost all the classic items that can be afford have been given, what other practical and practical gifts are suitable for Thanksgiving?
I hope these 9 models can meet your requirements.

These days, not many social animals have shoulder and neck problems, right? Usually, leaning forward and shrugging in front of the computer, bowing down to play with the phone for too long, and stiff and sore neck and shoulders are normal. The trapezius muscle is particularly developed, which appears to have rounded shoulders and a hunched back, affecting the overall posture of the person. My gatherings with friends around me have shifted from shopping and watching movies to going to a health salon for a massage.
Massage outside for nearly 200 yuan at a time is not only not cheap, but also not cost-effective for those who just want to loosen their shoulders and neck. If your significant other is a pragmatic person, there's no need to say much. The massage machine will definitely be a gift sent to Ta's heart. Especially for styles like massage shawls that simulate human kneading, they are also a top choice in terms of functionality.

When I first started using it, I was shocked and completely imitated the human hand tiger mouth grasping massage. How could there be a massage instrument with techniques comparable to that of a teacher!
Especially the movement of gripping and pinching the trapezius muscle is very relaxing, as if the stiff muscles have been peeled off from a deep layer, giving a comfortable feeling of "hitting the yellow dragon directly". By comparison, the rotary and pulse massage machines used in the past were only scratched in this regard.

Not only do you have different experiences, but this massage instrument like Xiangshu can tell from its specially shaped massage head that it is quite different.
The wider massage head on top will move in an 8-shaped pattern. In addition to kneading the trapezius muscle with the massage head that restores our thumb below, it will also repeatedly massage the back neck from top to bottom. The massage is very comprehensive, and the entire shoulder and neck can be taken care of.
In addition, a constant temperature hot compress of about 42 ℃ can further alleviate muscle soreness and enhance the effect of relaxing muscles and activating collaterals.

The alternating strength of light and heavy, combined with materials with a slight rebound, also avoids the problem of causing pain when pinching the meat. It's just comfortable, especially comfortable.
There is also a personalized improvement to this massage shawl, which includes two usage modes. Not only can it be fixed with the forearm like traditional similar products, but it can also be cross fixed on the back of the waist. Not only does it not delay playing with your phone or typing on the keyboard, but it can also lift your upper body and adjust your posture, killing two birds with one stone.

Its operation is also very simple, with three buttons: switch, hot compress, and mode adjustment. The intensity is also three levels, soothing, relieving pressure, revitalizing, and increasing in order of intensity. I don't have much enthusiasm, usually I use the first gear. Friends who always ask their master to put in a bit of energy during massages have tried and prefer rejuvenation, sourness and energy.
If it takes ten minutes every day, it can last for a week when fully charged. If it gets dirty, you can remove the fabric from the massage head for cleaning, and the zipper is also easy to fit back in.

The list has won everyone a Thanksgiving special~The original price of the Elephant Surgery Shoulder and Neck Massage Instrument is 1299 yuan, and now you can receive a large voucher, which costs 599 yuan and comes with an exclusive gift bag!

In fact, if you only want a high-quality and effortless fragrance that gives people a face, the previously recommended Dr. Vranjes and Carri è re Fr è res are all quality options that can be purchased across the entire line. But if novelty and symbolism are more important to you, then deviating from the topic, this flameless aromatherapy with deep Eastern charm should not disappoint you.

What attracted me was not only the high legged white porcelain tray used to hold essential oils and vines, but also the decorative paper leaves on the vines, as well as the designer's seemingly unnecessary suggestions for pruning the vines. All of these completely changed our understanding of flameless aromatherapy and added a hint of organic beauty like plants to the fragrance itself, as well as a unique Eastern charm.

Like flowers, chocolate is also one of the infallible Thanksgiving gifts.
If only chocolate is given, Godiva and Venchi's chocolate gift boxes are both classic choices; If you want to use chocolate instead of flowers to match other gifts, Michel Cruizel from France is equally delicious, but a more niche and cost-effective choice.
In previous chocolate evaluations, Michel Cruizel's candied orange peel chocolate bars received unanimous praise from colleagues on the list. But the fact is that 70 years of manual production, cocoa beans from one's own estate, and unique baking processing techniques have made it less unpleasant to eat.

In my heart, vinyl recorders are also an error free gift.
Not only because there are no people in this world who do not love music, but also because vinyl recorders themselves are classic enough to exist, even if they are ultimately idle and left at home as ornaments for generations to pass on, it is an excellent outcome. Of course, if you gain a new listening experience and love music and life more, it would be a better ending.
The LP60X from Iron Triangle is considered the most cost-effective vinyl record player within two thousand yuan.

The last one was reserved for the watch.
For me, giving a watch between couples is the second most important moment after giving a ring. On the one hand, a watch is a tool used to measure time, which records the length of a relationship and has its own profound meaning; On the other hand, choosing which style and price range of watches to send is also the best explanation for you and the other person in your eyes.
The Maven model is most suitable for people who are not watch enthusiasts but have their own aesthetic preferences for watches. They are more concerned about the design itself than the brand and price. I don't need to have many options, but I hope the design is classic enough to not only adapt to as many scenes as possible, but also can be durable enough to allow for a lifetime without replacement.

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