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I’m so excited to share with you a new kit that I found online – and it’s just for crafters! It’s called Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club of the Month. 

I found it through a Facebook ad and thought I would try it out. And (spoiler alert) I’m in love!

This kit is reasonably priced at $20 a month and would make an excellent gift – I know I would love to receive it at least. Click here and you can get 50% off your first month and use code SHARE50!

It turns out that Annie’s is well-known in the industry for their monthly subscription boxes. They have a little bit of everything including card making, crochet, quilters, afghans, beads, creative girls, and young woodworkers.

Let me tell you about my first kit and what I made.

Beaded Garland and Napkin Rings

How adorable is this set?! I have had so much fun including this in my fall decorations.

The kit contained:

  • 102 wooden beads
  • Jute twine
  • Skewers
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Two tubes of blue paint
  • 4 buffalo check napkins

In addition to everything included in the kit, you will also need:

  • bowl
  • paper plate
  • cardboard (although I used the amount that was included in the kit)
  • transparent tape
  • scissors

This is a perfect gift for any level crafter – including beginners because they lay everything out step by step.

Step 1 to Make Napkin Rings

Paint the beads. This was a fairly quick and easy craft – painting the beads took the longest. The sandpaper is included to smooth out any rough edges on the beads. The skewers are included so you can string the beads on the skewers, space them out, and paint.

I had to use a few extra skewers from my stash for all the beads. Once you get into the rhythm of painting, it’s an easy project.

Just paint once, let dry, and paint one more coat. If you prefer a more distressed look, you can use the sandpaper to distress the beads.

Bonus – I only used one tube of paint, so I have another one to add to my stash!

Step 2 – Bead the Napkin Ring

First of all, cut four 18 inch lengths of twine. String 12 painted beads on each length of twine – be sure to wrap the transparent tape around the ends to prevent fraying.

Next, form a beaded ring by threading one end of the twine back through the last bead in the opposite direction.

Step 3 – Make the Tassel

To make the tassel, you will need a 4×4 piece of cardboard. Wrap the twine around cardboard 25 times, leave two lengths. Be sure to begin and end twine at bottom of the cardboard.

Take one of the tail ends of one beaded ring and insert them between the cardboard and the wrapped twine and tie two knots, then slide the tassel off the cardboard.

Now we are to cut a 24 length of twine and lay flat. Lay the tassel on top of the length of twine four inches from the end. We’ll tie two knots and keep tail long, take the long end of the 24-inch length of twine, and wrap around the top of the tassel until at least five inches, tucking it between the last strand you wrapped around the top and then pull it tight and then trim them to an even length.

It’s that easy to create your first beaded napkin! Now repeat 3 times.

How to Make Beaded Garland

You’ll use the same basic steps from above. The first step is to cut a 40- inch length of twine and string the remaining beads on the twine, leaving 5 inches of twine on each end. Now you’ll follow the same steps above to create a tassel on both ends.

I actually ran out of twine when I was making my last tassel! Luckily, I had plenty on hand to create both tassels.

Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club Review

I am a huge fan of this kit! I loved it and I think anyone that loves crafting would enjoy receiving this as a gift! Just be sure to grab 50% off your first kit! Don’t forget to treat yourself as well!

To order your first kit at 50% off, click here: and use code SHARE50.

Don’t want the monthly subscription box?

Here are all the tools you need to create everything here (from Amazon):

Paint: or here:

Order Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club Today Use Code SHARE50 to receive 50% off! 


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