Keep reading to find two ways to make DIY Easter Carrots! One is especially for succulent lovers plus all the supplies are from Dollar Tree…and so easy to make. 

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for spring! Ever since Valentine’s Day ended, I’ve been planning out our Easter and spring gifts and decor. One item that stumped me was finding the cute burlap carrots for all the bunnies in my decor. 

Good news – I found a way to make them using two supplies from my favorite store – Dollar Tree! While I love the look of burlap, I couldn’t find any orange burlap anywhere! Well – at least I couldn’t find any at Dollar Tree or Walmart. So, I found something that will work just as well – and keeps my costs down. 

Option 1: $2 Farmhouse Easter Carrots

Here are the supplies I used from Dollar Tree: 

Orange Placemat – Find it here
Onion Grass Sprig – Find it here
Cardboard Paper towel roll (you can also use toilet paper roll)

I also used: 

Glue Gun
Packaging Tape


  • This is very messy, especially when you cut the placemats. 
  • Do not touch the hot glue, it will burn and that really, really hurts. 

Other than that, these are super easy and you will be able to love them for years to come. Or you will be able to add them into a cute bunny gift basket for a friend. 

How to Make DIY Easter Carrots 

Step 1: Create the Shape

I started with the cardboard paper towel roll. I cut one roll into three sections. You can easily use toilet paper rolls or rolled-up paper for this as well. 

Now, you want to create the mold of the carrot using the cardboard. It’s easy to cut the bottom section and use one of the sections you cut for the top. Hang on to it, we’ll use it in a minute. 

Simply smash them together and tape the sections that you cut. This should make a shape similar to a carrot. 

Step 2: Create the Carrot Top 

Grab one of the cardboard pieces you cut out from the bottom of the carrot and cut a small hole in the middle. Set it aside

Take the onion grass stalk from Dollar Tree and cut the amount you would like to use. I tape around the section I would like to cut to keep the grass together. If not, the grass will go everywhere!

Now slide that section of grass using the taped section through the hole in the cardboard. This will fall out everywhere unless you secure it with a touch of glue from your hot glue gun or super glue. Do that on the opposite side of the cardboard. 

My hot glue gun was crazy hot and melted the grass a little, so I started adding the glue to the cardboard and let the glue set for a minute before I applied it to the grass. 

Now use your tape to secure the cardboard carrot top to the rest of the carrot shape. You should have what looks like carrot-shaped cardboard with greenery sticking out of the top. 

Step 3: Add the orange placemat

diy easter carrotsThis is where it gets messy! The question is how do you cut the placemat? The trick is that the placemat will ease around the cardboard a little bit easier if you have cut between the seams. This also gives it a little bit more of a burlap look and feel with loose ends. They tend to stretch a little more and make life easier for proper carrot placement that way. 

The very center of the placemat makes a perfect topper for the carrot greens section. I found that I can make 3 carrots out of one placement, so you’ll only get to use that for one. 

Test it out a few times before you get busy with your hot glue gun. My hot glue gun was so hot that it would slightly melt some of the smaller cuts – so just be aware. 

Once you have figured out a design you like, start gluing! As always, I recommend starting with a small section of glue, let it sit for a second or two (so you don’t burn your hand) and wrap the orange placemat around the cardboard carrot. 

The great thing is that you don’t have to be perfect. You can cut the placemat into smaller pieces and make it more clean-cut if you like.


Option 2: DIY Easter Carrot Succulents

If you love succulents, this is the DIY Easter Carrot option for you! I discovered a way to include my Dollar Tree succulents into my Easter decor. Check it out: 

Supplies needed: 

Orange Placemat: Purchase here
Succulents: Purchase here

This option is actually a little bit easier. First of all, take one placemat and cut it into fourths. You may want to grab some heavy-duty scissors or electric scissors like these to accomplish this. These placemats are thick!

diy easter carrots

Then just roll the edges and secure with your hot glue gun. Then roll the fourths into an ice cream cone type of shape. Be sure to finish all the edges so it doesn’t look frayed – unless you want it to of course. 

This is the fun part. Those small succulents from Dollar Tree fit perfectly into the large opening of these! These are the best DIY Carrots for Easter!

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