Who doesn’t love the look of shiplap? I certainly do, but I don’t have the tools (or time) available to use actual shiplap. I found an easy way to create that shiplap farmhouse look – in a perfect sign for your Easter or spring decor. 

How to Make a Farmhouse Shiplap Easter Bunny Sign

Step 1

easter bunny signI picked up this adorable sign from Dollar Tree. Check here to see if it is still available.

Be aware that Dollar Tree only gets a limited amount of items and sometimes you have to shop around 6 weeks in advance of the holiday. 

While it is cute as is, I really love the glittery Easter Bunny on the front. So, first of all, pop that Bunny off the sign. 

I used a knife to work the bunny off the sign, it was pretty easy to take off. We are going to be using the back of the sign, so it is okay if you mess it up a little. 



Step 2

Use a box cutter or scissors, score the lines and cut the pieces for the shiplap look. 

This piece already has the basic lines in the design so I used those for the score lines. Since this piece is pressed cardboard, it was pretty easy to cut.

Step 3

Glue the pieces in place. 

Once I cut the piece down, it had 5 pieces, and I used one to secure the others together. The pressed cardboard is not very thick, so use whatever glue you have on hand to secure – glue gun, tacky glue, wood glue, or E60000. 

Once that glue has dried, we are ready to move on to the painting step. 

The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even when cutting the pieces, if you are trying to achieve a farmhouse/shiplap look and feel – the more imperfect, the better!


Step 4


I used a Silver Gray paint similar to this one.

After the first couple of coats of paint dried, I went back in and used Antique Wax paint to go back through and define the edges of each piece to define that shiplap look. 



Step 5

farmhouse easter bunnyAdd the Bunny Back to the Front. 

Remember our beautiful, glittery bunny? Now that we’ve painted the farmhouse shiplap look and it is dry, we are ready to add that bunny back on the front.

Since this is pressed cardboard, it doesn’t take much to secure the bunny, so feel free to use whichever glue you have on hand.



Step 6

Consider How You Will Display the Easter Bunny Sign

This will be very easy to hand with an addition of a jute or twine rope that you secure to the top or add a Command strip to help you with an easy to remove way to hang. . 

Step 7

Enjoy! Or use as a gift!

This will be a memorable piece for years to come. Now the big question – will you keep it for yourself or gift to a friend? 

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