Happy Independence Day! Here are some very easy DIY Fourth of July decoration ideas. Be sure to check out the YouTube video for more details. 

#1. Twine Stars

Supplies Needed: 

Tinsel wrapped stars (I found at Dollar Tree)
USA Banner (also found at Dollar Tree)
Hot Glue Gun (as needed)

Of course, these are super cute as is! But, I was looking more of a farmhouse look. So, I removed all the tinsel from the stars and planned to use them later. These are quite flimsy so remove the tinsel with ease. The stars have little knobs on them, so I just snipped them off with scissors. 

This is an easy craft, but takes a little time to wrap the twine around and around and around the star forms. I simply started at a corner of a star and wrapped to cover the end of the twine. You can use your hot glue gun if necessary. 

I found a “USA” banner from Dollar Tree and used the letter to create the centerpiece pictured below. The letters remained in place by using the hot glue gun. The red candles were accented by the twine stars and other red, white, and blue stars that I found at Dollar Tree. 

#2. Rag Banner

Supplies Needed:

Twine/Rope cut the length of your display with extra length on the ends.
Bandanas/4th of July Material/Scarves

diy 4th of July decorations

I was actually hoping to purchase a bunch of bandanas at Dollar Tree, but instead, I found several scarves that I knew I could use. I only purchased three and made this adorable rag banner!

Rag banners are so easy to make, this was actually my first one. All you have to do is fold the scarf in half and cut it. And fold each half in half and cut. Then, fold each section lengthwise twice and cut. 

Basically, cut whatever you material you have down until you think it’s going to fit just right. I found a great guide on how to tie the material – check it out here. Then, just keep folding and folding until you have your perfect banner!

#3. Aluminum Stars

Supplies Needed: 
Aluminum Pan/Cookie Sheet (I always stock up at Dollar Tree)
Star pattern (Or just freehand)

4th of JulyAs I mentioned, I always grab a couple of these at Dollar Tree. You can make so many fun things with these. 

If you want a bit of a crisper look, use a pattern or hope that you are a better artist than me. ha! Mine definitely has that ‘homemade’ look. 

After I cut mine out, I painted them red, white, and blue. I used Waverly chalk paint in plaster, and Apple Barrel Cardinal Crimson and Emerald Blue. 

Then I used the dowels and attached them on the back of the stars. I also used the “USA” from a banner from Dollar Tree and attach dowels to the back. Take a look at the image below to see how I put it together. 

4th of July decorations

#4 Distressed Flag

DIY fourth of July With quite a bit of trial and error, I was able to create the distressed-looking flag that I had in mind. I really wanted to create a point of interest with this flag that I purchased…you guessed it…at Dollar Tree. 

First of all, I tried to soak it overnight in tea. That didn’t really make a difference because of the material. Next, I had some foam board on hand that I thought I could use to create the wall-hanging that I wanted. So, I used Mod Podge to paste it onto the foam board. That sort of burnt the foam board in spots and overall just did not work. 

So, I removed the flag from the foam board and the mod podge. What I ended up with was a distressed flag! I actually really like, but I bet there’s an easier way to get there. 

#5 Farmhouse Star

Supplies Needed:

Jumbo Craft Sticks
Tacky Glue
Spraypaint in the desired color

4th of July starI found this idea on Pinterest! Check it out on my 4th of July board here. 

It’s so easy! I think it turned out great as well. You can use the pattern listed in the link above. Or just lay out in a star form and start gluing. You just have to glue every other craft stick. 

It lays it out in the guide listed above. Once you get started it’s really, really easy. The guide mentioned said they used 150 craft sticks, I only had 75 on hand. Once you let the glue dry overnight all that you need to do is paint. 

I started with some antique wax paint that I had on hand, but I didn’t love it. So, I used some bronze spray paint which made the job of painting much easier! 

Here is the finished product. I kind of love it!

4th of july decorations


#5. Stars and Stripes America

Supplies Needed:

USA Wooden Cutout (found one at Hobby Lobby)
Paint – red, white, and blue
Stars (I found star buttons at Walmart)

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with this once I purchased it. But, once I painted it, I discovered that this is an easy craft! I found the wooden cutout for 40% of at Hobby Lobby.

First of all, I painted the entire piece in plaster chalk paint by Waverly. Then, I used painter’s tape to tape off the stripes and blocked off the section where the stars will go. 

The Cardinal Crimson Apple Barrel paint really popped as the red stripes. I used Apple Barrel Admiral Blue for the blue. 

I was able to find star buttons at Walmart in the craft section, but feel free to paint them or use whatever you can find for the stars. Of course, I couldn’t fit 50 stars in, but I feel like using “creative license” makes it ok. Take a look at the finished product below. 

fourth of july decorations

#6 Patriotic Succulent Holders

Supplies Needed: 

3 pack Terra Cotta pots (succulent sized)
Red, white, and blue paint
Rub-on letters (I found at Dollar Tree)
Aluminum stars from project #3

4th of july decorations diy We’ll be using the same paints from previous projects – Waverly Plaster chalk paint, Apple Barrel Cardinal Crimson, Apple Barrel Admiral Blue – very patriotic colors, right?! 

This one is one of the easiest projects! All you have to do is paint each pot – one red, one white, and one blue. 

After you let them dry (I always wait overnight) use your letters to say whatever phrase you would like. I went through several ideas but went with “USA” to fit the theme for the rest of my decor. The rub-on letters from Dollar Tree are so easy to use, but you may have a Cricut so you can create something even better. I’m pretty happy with the look I made!

I used some of the cute aluminum stars from project #3 above. I added the succulents that came from Dollar Tree and I use them in almost every Holiday decoration. They are so adorable – If you happen to see them be sure to stock up. I am the type that loves plants but I struggle to keep them alive so fake work best for me!

July 4th decor

diy 4th of july decorations

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