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Quarantine Fun for Kids: Best Stay Home Ideas

24 hours a day, 7 days a week - what entertainment is there at home if you're a family. Here are some ideas I've been using to keep my kids occupied (after they finish school) so my husband and I can continue working from home full time.

Here are some items I found to help me stay sane while entertaining the kids during quarantine.

large plush animal

Stuffed animals are everyone's favorite, and a cute plush doll will have a lot of fun! We already had one, so we took another one, so all things being equal.

These plush toys are perfect for a variety of scenes and are super soft! My kids love to play, make games, or just relax on the plush doll.

If you like camping, you probably already own one, too. We're not big campers, but we probably now think it's as much fun as we're outdoors. Plus, they're great quality and not too expensive - what a treat to have!

Pick up one or two for your family today!

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