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Top 10 Thoughtful Gifts for New Neighbors

It’s always so exciting when a new neighbor moves in. Of course, you want to set the right first impression, so they know how awesome you are! Here are some easy gift ideas for new neighbors. 

I will never forget when we moved into my current home, an amazing friend brought over a homecooked meal with wine, solo cups, paper plates, and cutlery. We had been moving and unpacking boxes so we were completely exhausted. It was so nice to have a meal made for us.

I’ve stopped by to introduce myself to a new neighbor with a card that contains my name, address, and phone number – because who can remember names and crazy things like that when you are moving into a new home? I’ll also add our neighborhood Facebook groups so they can look them up and join if desired. If the timing is right, I’ll friend them on Facebook and add them to the group when we first meet to make life a little easier for them.

It is so challenging knowing what to bring to a new neighbor because you know absolutely nothing about them! One thing to remember is that if you bring a homemade treat, make sure it is on a disposable dish – don’t request that they return your plate. They have too much going on right now to worry about that.

These traditional housewarming gift basket ideas are unique for sure, check these ideas out and you might find some good ideas.

Here are some more modern ideas to properly greet new neighbors and potentially meet your new best friends. Pick a few ideas an add them to a nice welcome gift basket:

#1. Gift card for a local restaurant

new neighbor gifts If you have a local favorite, this is a great time to support them! Plus, you’ll let your new neighbors know of potential favorite new spots.

Just think your favorite local coffee shop, donut shop, Italian/Mexican/Chinese restaurants that are some of our local favorites.

Don’t forget about pizza! I typically make up a basket with a few of the things on this list and include a small gift card with a list of local small businesses that they may enjoy.

#2. Coffee Mugs

I originally added wine or beer as one of the top 10 gifts for new neighbors, but it’s tough to be sure that the person drinks alcohol until you get to know them. A bottle of wine is a traditional housewarming gift, but you can replace that with a bottle of olive oil.

Maybe this is a personal preference because I love coffee mugs, probably a little too much. Coffee mugs make a perfect addition to the ‘welcome’ basket! You never know if they have unpacked all their dishes – maybe your new neighbor will enjoy brewing a cup of coffee in their new mug.

If you have a neighborhood logo or just create an image with your neighborhood’s name, you can create a custom coffee mug here: Zazzle coffee mugs. 

If not, something sturdy like these would be a great addition to your welcome basket!.

Check prices here. 

#3. Throw Blanket

new neighbor gifts Who doesn’t love getting a throw blanket?!

I know you probably don’t “need” another one, but they make an excellent gift. It’s easy to find a simple pattern at Gifts for Good.

Plus, the great thing is that purchases made help support low-income artisans across the globe or children in need – you can shop by the cause you want to help with the most.

I love this “Friendly Vanilla Cotton Throw” that helps support an artist in Brazil for 9 hours! Plus, your neighbor will love this high-quality gift that helps others.

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