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Halloween is almost here! It’s time to plan your costume and couples’ costumes are the most fun. Here is an exhaustive list of 51 ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing.

#1. Carole Baskin and The Tiger King

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! 2020 was the YEAR of The Tiger King. Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate it.

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#2. Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler

Hamilton has been one of the most popular Broadway plays in recent history, and since it has premiered on Disney Plus its popularity has skyrocketed! Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate your favorite characters.

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#3. Plague Doctor and Fortune Teller


2020 will forever be marked in history books with the Coronavirus pandemic. The plague doctor is a throwback to previous pandemics and the fortune teller will tell us that better days are coming!

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#4. Outlander: Jamie and Claire



We may not be able to get the exact costumes to replicate Jamie and Claire from Outlander, but you can express their passion. And have fun wearing these somewhat similar costumes.

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#5. Ghostbuster and Stay Puft Marshmallow


Throwback to one of the best 80’s movies – Ghostbusters! I love the new one but the original Ghostbusters movie is a classic.

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#6. E.T. and Elliot


Another shoutout to the ’80s! E.T. Phone Home! One of the most classic movies and most recognizable characters. Have some fun with this one!

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#7. Magician and Bunny


Ready to pull a rabbit out of your hat? Now is your time. Hint: You don’t even have to learn any magic tricks to win the night with this couple’s costume!

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#8. Cowboy and Cowgirl

You have to check out all the options here – you can be a cancan girl, Annie Oakley, or even Jessie from Toy Story. He can be an old-time saloon bartender, gunfighter, or Woody. Have fun with this couple’s costume idea and enjoy!

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#9. Police Officer and Prisoner

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#10. Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Bring this classic tale to life with these amazing costumes!

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#11. Hamburger and Hamburglar

Children of the ’80s! Do you remember the Hamburglar? This would be a hilarious couple’s costume!

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#12. Grease: Danny and Sandy

The only question is: Which Sandy will you choose? Good girl Sandy or Bad Sandy? I love all the options here!

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#13. Devil and Angel

I always love when couples switch it up – I mean who is the Angel and who is the Devil??? Always so fun!

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#14. Stranger Things: Eleven and Waffle

Stranger Things is such a phenomenal hit, what better way to celebrate Halloween than representing Eleven and her favorite beloved Waffles?

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#15. Dumb and Dumber

The only argument here is who is Lloyd and who is Harry?!

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#16. Harry Potter and Hermoine

Harry and Hermione? Professor McGonagall and Dumbledor? Bellatrix LeStrange? There are too many options to choose from!

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#17. Princess Peach and Mario

That’s a me! Mario! Always trying to save Princess Peach, who is always with Bowser! Come on! Have fun with these Super Mario Costumes.

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#18. Zombies

Zombies come alive on Halloween! Celebrate with these adorable costumes!

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#19. Alien and Astronaut


Exploring new worlds lately? Check out this astronaut and alien!

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#20. FireFighter and Dalmation

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#21. Doctor and Patient

Of course, nurse and patient is always an option!

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#22. Priest and Nun

Are you prepared to start hearing confessions? Well, these are the costumes for you!

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#23. Pretty Woman and Edward Lewis

The Pretty Woman costume is spot on here, you may have to get a little creative when it comes to Edward!

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#24. Austin Powers and Fembot

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#25. Princess Bride and Westley

“As You Wish” the one thing we all wish our forever princes would say from here on out!

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#26. Mommy Shark/Daddy Shark

Baby shark do do do do do….you know you love it!

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#27. Snow White and Dwarf (or Prince Charming)

Don’t forget you can always choose to be Prince Charming that wakes up the princess!

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#28. Bo Peep and Woody

Did you see the latest Toy Story? Bo Peep and Woody are lost toy for life!

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#29. Lumiere and Plumette

If you saw Beauty and the Beast, you could not miss the love story of Lumiere and Plumette!

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#30. Rey and Chewbacca


There is an unlimited number of couples you could represent from Star Wars- friends, foes, lovers, etc.!

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#31. Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts

Off with her head! Unless you’re headed to a very Merry Unbirthday party, of course!

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#32. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Escape to Neverland for one night! Don’t forget Wendy, Captain Hook, Smee, and the Crocodile!

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#33. Dorothy and Cowardly Lion

We’re off to see the wizard! What will the wizard give you – a heart? a brain? courage? Have fun!

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#34. Pirate and Wench

Choose your favorite pirate costume today and add some flair to create a unique Renaissance style!

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#35. Aladdin and Jasmin

Don’t forget your magic carpet on your Halloween night out as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine!

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#36. Bill and Ted

Remember when Bill and Ted traveled back in time to save the world? It was Excellent!

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#37. Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Win the night with lava power and shark power!

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#38. Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior

Do you love Macho Man Randy Savage? How about Bret Hart, Kane, Undertaker, or Ultimate Warrior? There are so many options here!

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#39. Ringmaster and Tiger

You’ll have the greatest night on earth when you dress up as The Greatest Show on Earth!

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#40. Flapper and Gangster

Flappers and Gangsters go together like Bonnie and Clyde!

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#41. Pinata and Candy

Love candy? Love pinatas? This is the perfect couples costume!!

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#42. Forest Gump and Jenny

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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#43. Top Gun – Maverick and Charlie

“I feel the need…the need for speed!” If you love Top Gun, enjoy dressing as your favorite characters!

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#44. Little Mermaid and Prince Charming

Bring your favorite characters to life! Don’t forget about Ursula and King Triton!

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#45. M.C. Hammer and Salt/Peppa

Or choose your favorite 80’s music star. Check out all the selection. 

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#46. Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker

These Back to The Future Costumes will be a blast (from the past…or future?)

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#47. Pulp Fiction – Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega

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#48. Teen Titan – Robin and Starfire

Or Beast Boy and Raven – choose your favorite!

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#49. Karate Kid – Cobra Kai and Daniel San

Wax on. Wax off. Who was the real bad guy in the movie? Find out the truth!

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#50. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Get a few nonsense rhymes ready and you are set for a fun night out!

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#51. Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz

Say the three magic words and BeetleJuice can come to play!

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