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Looking for White Elephant gifts under $25? You are in the right spot! With many, many years of experience in hosting office and friends White Elephant parties, I’ve compiled a great list of White Elephant gifts for 2020. Take a look and I hope you get some great ideas!

What are good White Elephant gifts?

The absolute best white elephant gifts are the ones that are stolen often. The way I am used to playing White Elephant (Yankee Swap or Secret Santa) is that you don’t buy for a particular person, the gifts are grouped together and anyone can pick the one they want based on their number – take a look at the rules below.

The ones I have noticed that are the most popular include:

  1. Liquor or Wine (Scotch, Whiskey, or a very nice bottle of wine always make a big hit)
  2. Scratch off Lottery Tickets
  3. Gift Cards
  4. Popular tech gadgets
  5. Anything hilarious

What are the rules of a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

This game is so easy to play, plus you can customize the rules to work for your group. Here are the basic rules:

  1. Everyone brings a wrapped, unmarked gift (This is where you can customize to your liking. You can set a limit of $25, or even allow people to bring old gifts or regift something that they have around the house. Put the gifts in a random pile.)
  2. Write down the number of gifts, cut out the numbers, and have everyone randomly draw a number.
  3. The person that draws #1 opens a gift from the pile and shows it to everyone.
  4. The person that draws #2 has the option of stealing the gift that #1 opened or opening a new gift from the pile.
  5. Be aware of the number of times gifts are stolen! They can only be stolen 3 times (and only stolen once during each turn) and then that gift is retired. Here are more details from
    • A gift can only be “stolen” once during a turn. If a gift is taken from someone during one round, she cannot take it back during that same round. She can, however, take it back in a later round if she is in a position to select a gift.
    • A gift cannot be immediately stolen back from the player who just stole it.
    • Once a gift has 3 “owners,” the 3rd owner of a gift gets to keep it – it is retired and can’t be stolen again.
  6. At the end of the game, the person that chose #1 gets one more chance and they can steal any gift – no matter if that gift is retired or not.

Here are the top White Elephant Gifts under $25 for 2020

#1. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

If you are looking for a good laugh this is just what you need. The Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is the perfect recipe for hilarity! Watch as all your neighborhood squirrels dig their heads into this comical feeder and transform into a goofy horse-headed rodent. You’ll get plenty of chances to take funny pictures and share them with all of your family and friends!

$24.99 on


#2. Giant Flour Burrito Blanket


Have you ever wanted to be a giant tortilla, burrito, or any tortilla based food? Simply lay down inside the blanket and roll yourself up, becoming the burrito that you’ve always wanted to be. Priced at under $20, this is one of those exceptional White Elephant gifts under $25.

$17.99 on Amazon


#3. People of Adult Coloring Book


This EPIC adult coloring book is comprised of 37 single-sided images, all original and intricate artwork based on the images from the website that makes MILLIONS laugh.

$10.99 on Amazon


#4. Beer Belly Fanny Pack


With 3D-like printing, it really does look like a man’s belly. Make you quite attractive on streets, parties, traveling and sporting events. Plus, this comes with a free pair of “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine” socks. Bonus!

$9.99 on Amazon


#5. “Roto Wipe” – Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Gift Box


EMPTY PRANK GIFT BOXES at first appear to contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. Simply, “Put Your Real Present Inside the Joke Box” and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends & loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the “Roto Wipe”. Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover their actual stuff inside and realize they’ve been pranked.

$7.99 on Amazon


#6. Chia Pet Planter Star Wars the Mandalorian The Child

Give the gift of The Child! We know you’ll keep the Child safe… but how about comfortable? Well, with this Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chia Pet Planter, you’ll keep the Child coddled in a soft blanket of fuzzy growing grass!

$24.99 on

#7. Adjustable Travel Bookmark with LED Book Light


Any book readers in your group will swoop this one up, especially if it came with a Barnes and Noble gift card so they could grab a new book. The Flexilight is flexible and positionable, able to bend forwards at any angle, so you can position the quality LED (and its whopping 8 lumens of light) anywhere you want it. Ready to save your page straight out of the box. Batteries included.

$8.99 on Amazon


#8. Batman Single Brew Coffee Maker


Drink with pride knowing that both you and Batman drink using the same coffee maker… this Batman Single Brew Coffee Maker! We’re pretty sure that Bruce Wayne has one of these sitting in the Bat-Cave.

$21.99 on


#9. Ride w/ Trump Passenger Window Sticker

Have you ever dreamed of taking a road trip with the President? Well, with this Ride with Trump Passenger Window Sticker, you can make it look like the POTUS is along for the ride. No matter your political leanings, this is one of those White Elephant gifts under $25 that will cause a stir!

#14.99 on Amazon


#10. The Draft Top


gifts for football fans

The draft top is a bar tool designed to remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. It creates an incredibly smooth edge that safely turns your can into a cup, so you can easily add garnishes or mix drinks. This is a unique gift for White Elephant, but anyone that wants to check it out will love it!

$24.99 on


#11. Owl Design Rustic Wood Pencil Holder 


The owl is a symbol of a long life, symbol of happy family life, wisdom, knowledge, and erudition, which fight the darkness of ignorance. Basically, it’s super cute and a great way to add style to your office.

$16.99 on Amazon


#12. Insulated Picnic Basket Cooler


This is one of the White Elephant gifts that I would steal…especially if it had a bottle of wine tucked in! Innovative design enables the basket to fold flat in seconds by incorporating sewn in side support strips that remove the problem of basket sag.

$23.99 on Amazon


#13. Lightweight Camping Hammock Portable Indoor Outdoor Tree Hammock with 2 Hanging Straps


I can personally recommend this as a great White Elephant gift. It is such a nice gift for under $20. It’s a single hammock that fits 1 person, has plenty of room so you can lay down with enough space.

$19.99 on Amazon


#14. YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug


Can you believe a YETI is one of the White Elephant gifts under $25? The YETI Rambler 14 oz. mug is the toughest, most over-engineered camp mug out there. The full-loop Triple Grip Handle is comfortable for wider hands, so you can fit your mitts fully around your morning joe.

$24.98 on Amazon


#15. Mini Buddha Board


This is perfect for taking notes, doodling during meetings, etc. Simply draw on the surface with water. The water evaporates leaving you with a clean slate, ready to create all over again!

$14.95 on Amazon


#16. Popping Pimples Stress Relief Gift


This is an odd choice for a White Elephant gift, but someone might love it! Eco-friendly Silicone for the popper and Natural Wax looks like a real pimple, no smell, and 100% safe for your skin. This is a small handheld toy that allows you to pop fake pimples but enjoy true happiness and relax. 

$13.34 on Amazon


#17. Hook and Ring Toss Game


Someone that is stuck in the office all day will surely grab this gift to play during breaks. This game is safer than darts – no holes in the wall – and is good fun for every skill level. Or grab it for yourself to play at home!

$18.99 on Amazon


#18. Pack Blaster Guns Toy Guns with 60 Pack Refill Soft Foam Darts 

I have personally been to an office White Elephant party where this was one of the most stolen gifts. Imagine how much fun this would be to keep at your office to start a nerf gun war – during break time, of course. 2 blaster guns (orange and blue) with 60 pcs soft foam bullet darts.

$19.95 on Amazon


#19. Magnetic Dart Board 

Here’s another game that would make a good White Elephant gift, plus would be so much fun if they kept it at the office. This magnetic dartboard has 2 sides and comes with 12 magnetic darts. It’s good for indoors or outdoors, plus won’t make any holes in the walls!

$24.99 on Amazon


#20. Tears of My Enemies Enamel Coffee Mug

There is more to this mug than just the message. It’s made with enamel-coated cold-rolled steel (much stronger than ceramic) and high-quality printing to ensure longevity, and the “Tears of My Enemies” phrase is on both sides so as to accommodate both left- and right-handed people.

$14.99 on Amazon


#21. Plasma Ball USB Lamp Light


This is a fascinating and fun White Elephant gift! USB Plasma Ball is fascinating to watch and even more fun to play with –Placing a fingertip on the glass creates an attractive spot for the energy to flow because the conductive human body is more easily polarized than the dielectric material around the electrode providing an alternative discharge path having less resistance.

$11.50 on Amazon


#22. Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter


Add a nice bottle of wine to this White Elephant gift and it will definitely be stolen! REMOVE WINE CORK IN SECONDS—-Two buttons “up” and “down” remove or released the cork in seconds, with no extra effort, easy to use.

$14.99 on Amazon


#23. Wireless Karaoke Microphone


This Microphone comes with Bluetooth which has great distance and a 3.5mm Audio Cable, by which your singing can be perfectly recorded in various Bluetooth devices such as iPhones, laptops, and all smartphones.

$19.99 on Amazon


#24. Retro Video Games Player with 520 Classical Games 

This is a great gift for any children of the ’80s! This handheld game console has 520 Classical Games to choose from. Satisfy the needs of your daily game and bring back your memory of childhood having fun playing games.

$21.99 on Amazon


#25. World’s Okayest Employee – 11 OZ Coffee Mug


This mug is guaranteed to get a laugh out of whomever opens the gift. “World’s Okayest Employee” is printed on both sides. Plus, it is safe for Microwave and dishwasher. Large, easy-grip handle.

$11.99 on Amazon


#26. Baguette Pillow

You know you want one! This french bread design can be used as a back cushion, bolster, or pillow. with vivid color, just like a huge delicious bread. Don’t drool when sleeping on it…this is one of the White Elephant gifts under $25 that you’ll want for yourself!

$23.99 on Amazon


#27. USA Landmarks Scratch Map

secret santa gifts under $25 Have fun keeping track of all your adventures throughout the states once you have your very own USA Landmarks Scratch Map. After you’ve visited one of this country’s beloved landmarks, you can check it off your list by easily giving this map a quick scratch. Make traveling even more fun with this awesome scratch map!

$14.99 on


#28. Golden Girls Shot Glasses


Want to feel like part of the girls? Pick your favorite Golden Girl and play The Golden Girl Drinking Game! The front of each of the 4 glasses will feature Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, while the back provides individual instructions for each Golden Girl on how to participate in one of the most entertaining drinking games around!

$22.99 on Amazon


#29. Oliver James Back Massager with Heat 

I would 100% steal this gift! Deep-kneading nodes (4 large & 4 small) closely match the hands and feel of a professional masseur. Whether you need a relaxing and soothing massage or a deeper sports-style massage to relieve muscle tightness, this portable massager provides instant relief to those aches, pains, and sore muscles.

$20.99 on Amazon


#30. Knit Beer Glove – Insulating Koozie

Add a six-pack of beer to make this the perfect White Elephant gift! Keep your hand warm and more importantly your beer and can cold; Unique design.

$12.99 on Amazon



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